03/15/2019, Palm Door on Sixth, Austin, TX

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Our Mission is both cultural and Social.

globalFEST believes that music can be a driving force toward a society that values cultural diversity as a source of unity rather than division. By moving international music to the center of the performing arts field, globalFEST fosters a robust and sustainable ecosystem ...

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Abby Noroozi
812-339-1195 X 210

globalFEST Infiltrates SXSW with Worldly Sounds and Brings International Music to New Audiences at SXSW Showcase

For 16 years, globalFEST (globalfest.org) has been dedicated to pushing artistically compelling international musicians onto new stages, offering audiences a concentrated intro into the world’s sounds, some deeply rooted, some edgy--some both. Since 2015, it has complemented its annually sold-out flagship NY festival, which focuses on performing arts professionals, with a SXSW showcase designed to open up the festival and nightclub worlds for its boundary pushing artists.


The music organization is back at SXSW this year with a radically diverse showcase at the Palm Door on 6th on March 15, 2019. Doors open at 7 pm. Free to badge and wristband holders.


“This year specifically a great year; a ton of people from around the world are coming to SXSW. For us it is important to highlight and continue to promote  artists who have also performed at our flagship fest, like Cha Wa and 47Soul, two breakout artists from the most recent edition” says Stephanie Orentas of globalFEST. “47Soul’s message speaks to our values. They have celebratory lyrics that calls for us to smash borders that keep us separated. We believe it is important to give artists a platform to share ideas, history, cultures and grooves.”


globalFEST SXSW at the Palm Door:


8 pm: TAIMANE (Hawaii/US). Trance-inducing, high-energy ukelele

9 pm: TUFAN DERINCE (Kurdistan). Kurdish elektroba─člama master of party grooves

10 pm: 47SOUL (Palestine/UK). Electro dabke from the Palestinian diaspora

11 am: KAROL CONKA (Brazil). A rare US show by the firebrand female MC

12 am: CHA WA (New Orleans/US). New Orleans brass driving Mardi Gras Indian funk

1 am: BOHEMIAN BETYARS (Hungary). Outrageously fun Gypsy punk


“Having artists like Tufan Derince and Karol Conka on the globalFEST stage makes a proud statement that music matters,” explains Isabel Soffer, globalFEST co-director and co-founder, “and we are thrilled to give voice to these artists, especially from parts of the world where censorship is a daily reality.”


“Coming off of playing gF is a trampoline. A bounce can help propel a gF artist to tour the US and North America and elsewhere.” Orentas notes. “It can also help international bands move out of the world music market and find new fans and audiences at festivals like SXSW and change the live music landscape.”


Dispatch Details

Ticket Phone:
512) 386-1295
Ticket Price(s):
Free to badge and wristband holders.
Venue Link:
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Venue City, State:
Austin, TX
Venue St. Address:
508 E 6th St,
Palm Door on Sixth
Doors Open:
7:00 PM